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Pam Behan's book, Malibu Nanny - Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny, is a memoir - the story of Pam's life, which includes a decade in Hollywood as nanny for the soon-to-be-famous Jenner and Kardashian families.

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Malibu Nanny - Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny

What was life like inside the Jenner/Kardashian home when the kids were young?
How did everyone get along?
How did Kourtney Kardashian almost kill Pam?
What did Kim Kardashian hate more than anything?
Who was Kiki, Robert Kardashian's first love?
What was Kris Jenner really like?
Were their glimpses of fame way back then?
Why are they so famous, and why is it that everyone is so intrigued by them?

These questions and more will be addressed in Pam Behan's memoir, 
Malibu Nanny.

Growing up in a rural Minnesota town (population of just 123), Pam Behan always dreamed of travel and adventure, hoping to one day become a flight attendant.  After her first year of college (and thirsting for excitement), Pam visits a friend in Los Angeles for the summer.  She decides to try her hand as a nanny, ultimately leading to a chance encounter with the Jenner family, and thus shifting the course of Pam's life...forever!

Malibu Nanny takes you on the real escapades of a small-town girl who becomes enthralled with Hollywood.  She meets many famous celebrities, and even dates Sylvester Stallone at the height of hisRocky and Rambo fame.  After three years of caring for Bruce's boys, Brandon and Brody Jenner (The Hills), Pam becomes the nanny to the Kardashian kids - Kourtney (then 12), Kim (then 10), Khloe (then 6), and Robert (then 4) - on the very day Bruce and Kris are married.  From lavish vacations in Mexico, to hilarious stories about their daily lives, Pam doesn't hold back and gives readers insight into the trials and tribulations of a Hollywood nanny, and life inside the Jenner/Kardashian home before they became household names.

Read how Pam's desire for adventure eventually takes her from the glamour of Malibu to culture shock in Tennessee, ultimately leading her back home to a simple life in the Midwest, and the greatest adventure of all - motherhood.

Malibu Nanny:  Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny
 is co-authored by Sara Christenson.  Sara is uniquely qualified to write in Pam’s voice and share her story, because they have been best friends since they were five years old.  Sara has been writing since she was a child, and has over fifteen years in senior marketing and branding positions.  In addition to collaborating with Pam onMalibu Nanny, Sara is also finishing two other books - her memoirs - titled Seeking and Becoming. Learn more at her author website:


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